How to Tell If Your Sewer Line Needs Repair or Replacement

Sewer lines are vital to the health and function of your plumbing system. They handle the flow of sewage and wastewater from your home and transport it to a central sewer system.

Problems with your sewer lines can cause some serious issues if left untreated. They can lead to leaks and water damage, foundation cracks, pests, and other problems.

The best way to determine if your sewer line needs repair Sewer Repair Parker or replacement is to have it looked at by a licensed plumber. A plumber can use a sewer video camera to inspect your main sewer line and find out what the issue is.

Broken or cracked sewer lines are the most common type of sewer problems that homeowners need to have repaired. They are usually the result of debris buildup, tree roots clogging them, or ground conditions that affect sewer lines like regular freezes and thaws.

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call a Parker plumber for sewer repair or sewer replacement. These problems are extremely expensive to fix and can result in major property damage if left untreated.

Odors and Mold

If your toilet starts to smell funny or if you start to notice mold growth, it could be a sign that your main sewer line has been damaged and needs to be repaired. Mold can be a serious health risk, so it’s important to get it fixed right away.

Pools of Sewage

If you notice pools of sewage in your yard, that’s an indication that there is an issue with your main sewer line. This is especially true if your sewer line has a bad seal or it’s cracked.

A cracked or broken sewer line can also cause mold to grow in your walls and ceilings. The mold can be harmful to your health, so it’s important to have it fixed by a qualified plumber as soon as possible.

Detecting sewer line problems can be difficult because they are usually hidden underground. Luckily, we have sewer camera inspection services that will help us identify the problem and get your pipes working properly again.

Trenchless Sewer Repairs

Thanks to new trenchless technology, sewer pipe repairs are a lot easier and less expensive than they used to be. Previously, it required digging up your backyard and other landscaping to install new sewer pipes. This is now a thing of the past.

The best trenchless sewer repair contractors can replace your broken or failing underground pipes with new ones using non-intrusive techniques and a small amount of excavation in your yard. This allows you to keep your beautiful lawn and landscape intact while ensuring permanent and industry-level standards are met.

Cost to Repair Your Main Sewer Line

The cost of a sewer repair depends on the location and severity of the damage. It will also depend on the material of the sewer pipe and its length.

A main sewer line is essential for the proper drainage of your home and it should be inspected regularly by a licensed plumber. When problems arise, you need to get them addressed as quickly as possible so that the sewer line can be cleaned and snagged before it becomes too expensive to repair.