Tips to Choosing the Right Granite Countertops for Your Dartmouth Kitchen

granite countertops dartmouth

While quartz is more affordable and durable, granite is a classic choice for countertops. It also has many advantages, including heat resistance, durability, and classic appeal. Read on to learn more about granite and why it is an excellent choice for countertops in the kitchen. Granite countertops Dartmouth have been a favorite for decades, and they are still one of the most popular types of countertops. Here are some of the benefits of granite and why you should consider getting them for your next kitchen renovation:

Quartz is cheaper

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen and are wondering if quartz is cheaper than granite countertops, here’s the answer. Quartz countertops are generally cheaper than granite, but they are still high-end materials. Installed, granite countertops can run as high as $150 per square foot. Regardless of the material, it’s a wise decision to hire a professional for the installation. Licensed kitchen and bathroom specialists can provide you with free quotes.

Granite is heat resistant

As a kitchen countertop material, granite is an excellent choice. This material is resistant to high temperatures, but it can stain easily, especially from acidic materials. This stone may show up scratches over time, so it’s best to avoid using it for your countertops if you plan to be in the kitchen for extended periods. Quartz is another good choice for busy kitchens, and it is nonporous, easy to clean, and discourages harmful bacteria.

It’s a classic choice

Whether you are looking for a timeless, elegant finish in a kitchen or a contemporary style, granite is a classic choice. Not only is it a timeless choice, but it’s also easy on the budget. Granite has the advantage of being a natural stone that never requires sealing and is highly resistant to heat and liquids. The following are tips to choosing the right granite countertops for your Dartmouth kitchen.

It’s durable

If you are in the market for a new countertop for your kitchen, granite is an excellent choice. Compared to other materials, granite can last for decades without any significant repairs. In fact, countertops made of comparable materials will need to be replaced twice in 30 years, if they are not protected with a sealer. Countertops are an integral part of your design and function, and they take the pounding of your daily routine. That’s why you want a material that’s durable and timeless.

It’s environmentally-friendly

The question of whether granite countertops are environmentally-friendly is a valid one. Quartz is an eco-friendly alternative to granite. Quartz is produced in a factory and comes from waste materials, but still delivers all of the benefits of granite. In addition to providing a natural stone look, quartz is extremely durable and can withstand freezing temperatures. That means it’s a perfect choice for kitchens or outdoor living spaces. Granite, however, is a much better option.